Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holidays are Coming!

Each year since the birth of our daughter, our family has been making "goody" bags to take to the families of preemie babies that are in the NICU on Christmas morning. The first couple of years we did these bags personally. In the last few years, we have started providing "goody bags" a couple times a year (including Christmas still) from our business Preemie Proud & of course, Braleigh. She is the reason we do all of this!!!

The response we receive from the NICU staff and parents who receive our goodies are overwhelming. Parents are so grateful that someone has remembered their child on Christmas morning. Emails and phone calls usually follow the next few days. The NICU staff always welcome our donations.

So.....once again, we are preparing for our (15) Annual Christmas NICU Tote Bags. Each year they seem to grow. We are hoping to include items such as preemie size clothes (our NICU usually doesn't have tiny, tiny babies), preemie hats, mitts, socks, blankets, photo albums, lotions, hand sanitizer, snacks, bottle water, mints, notebooks or journals for parents to record milestones and other important information, etc......the list can go on and on.

We are reaching out to our community this year for assistance to help make this years' bags better than ever.

If you would like to donote something to these wonderful NICU bags, please purchase something at our store and in the comment area let us know what items you would like to contribute to this cause. We will ship the rest of your order to you and keep the donated item in our donation collection bin until these bags are assembled.

New Items (with tags) purchased elsewhere can be mailed to our mailing address. If you would like to contribute, contact us for mailing information. All of your help is appreciated!

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