Monday, February 27, 2012


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Monday, February 20, 2012

This Week's Featured Baby - Bryan!

Come meet Bryan...

Why was Bryan born at just 25 weeks along in his mother's pregnancy? Like many premature births, the reason is not known. Mom's water broke and Bryan came a short time afterwards.

This is his story as told by his mom, Sabrina...

Bryan was 1.11lbs at birth and he was 12 inches long. Bryan spent almost 6 months in the NICU.

He had a bowel perforation at 8 days old that required surgery where he lost 2 inches of his small intestines. He had an ostamy bag for almost 3 months.

In July he had a PDA ligation done. He also had a brain cyst and PVL but no Brain bleeds.

August 13th he had his ostamy reversed. 11 days later he developed NEC and he needed immediate emergency surgery where he lost 46 cm of small intestines. All together he lost 48 cm.
Sept 29th he got a second case of NEC that was treated medically. No surgery was required.
He came home in Oct.
Bryan has Cerebral Palsey and he also has a Dandy Walker Malformation. He is currently 35 inches long and he weighs 23 lbs. He will be 2 in May. He just recently started sitting on his own and is pushing himself up into 4 point and trying to crawl. He recently received his AFO's and loves standing. We are waiting for his gaint trainer.

The NICU is a scary time but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We were told many times that there were slim chances that he would survive. When he was 8 days old and his bowel perforated he became septic and his kidneys shut down. We were told if he didn’t urinate by morning that we should consider letting him go. With lots of prayers and tears he urinated out of his diaper early that morning.

These little babies no matter how early they are, they are very strong and brave. They will smile at you and look you into the eyes even though they are going through what they are.