Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Are Some Nice NICU Gifts?

Talking to parents of preemies over the last few years has allowed us to compile of list of useful items that moms and dads have received (as gifts) for their premature baby while in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. They range in price and some are as simple as offering to cook a meal or drive a new mom to the hospital. Don't be afraid to be a gift for a preemie. Moms of preemies like to have acknowledgement of the birth of their baby just like ordinary newborn moms.

Below is a list of some of the preemie gift ideas we have heard over the last few years.

Preemie Clothes
Preemie Diapers - sometimes hard to find in small areas
Gift Certificates for resturants around the hospital area
A Notebook for friends or family to write in when they visit or for notes to baby from parent
CD of lullabies- some NICUs allow music to be played in baby's isollete
Offer to prepare a meal for the new parents and family.
Delivery a gift basket of food to new mom or dad
Pay a housekeeper to clean new parents home or offer to help out around the house yourself.
Zaky infant pillow - NICU positioning aid
Baby Story book
Personalized Blanket
Disposable Camera - Preemies change in appears so much. You can never have too many pictures. Parents are photo graph their child throughout the NICU journey.
Calling cards to update family and friends during hospital stay.
Hand Sanitizer
Lotions - Washing (Scrubbing) each time you enter the NICU works on your hands pretty quickly. Lotion is always welcoming to dry, over-washed hands.
Notepad or Telephone/Address Book for parents to keep all important telephone numbers in
Snacks for hospital stay or visit (Gum, mints, peanuts, trail mix, bottled water, etc)
Magazines or crossword puzzle books
Change for vending machines
Small stuffed animal for baby's incubator or open crib
Photo frame or albums
Pre-made Scrapbook Pages
Baby Thank You Notes - Mom may not have time to run out and get her own, but can fill them out while sitting in the hospital during her free time.
Offer to drive or provide transportation to hospital
Easy portable meals
NICU Milestone Calendar
Gas Cards - gas bills add up especially if your child is in a NICU located somewhere other than your hometown.
Travel Necessities - tooth brush, toothpaste, kleenex, etc
Cooler Bag for expressing breast milk to hospital
Tote Bag for carrying everything to the hospital each day

Wow! That is some list and we know there are hundreds of other ideas out there. If you have an idea that is not listed, email us and tell us about it.

We love to hear from you!

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