Friday, July 31, 2009

Micro Preemie Clothes - Are They Needed or Not?

As a mom, to a former micro preemie, my answer to this debated question is simple. YES! YES! YES! Micro Preemie NICU Clothing is needed! (for a few reasons)

Most micro preemie babies spend their first few days on warming bed and then transfer to an isollete or incubator as they become more stable. So technically, these tiny premature infants do not have to have clothes and often cannot be dressed during the times they are unstable, requiring constant medical care and access. Therefore, warming beds and incubators help the premature baby to keep their body temperature a little more regulated. Does this seem like a contradiction to my answer above? It isn' on.

As micro preemies become more stable, most Neonatal Intensive Care Units will allow new parents to dress their babies as long as their health allows. For anyone that has not personally been through the emotional NICU Journey, I'm not sure you can fully understand the roller coaster ride parents take while watching their new baby struggle each day for the very life you want so desparetly for them to have. Each day you struggle with not being able to provide for your child, like not being able to hold them, change them, bath them or feed them at will. Waiting and watching....You feel HELPLESS! But one day, you walk into the Neonatal Unit and your baby has made a milestone! (Milestones are huge in the NICU) He or she is stable and strong enough to be dress. As a parent, you can now bring in tiny hats or NICU friendly clothes for your preemie to wear. And...if you are lucky, you may get to change them or dress them during your daily visits. You may also be allowed to bring blankets, socks, and booties for them. What a day! A milestone is reached, your new little angel is stronger AND you now have something that you (as parents) can actively take part in. You can be a part of your child's day to day care!

So the first reason micro preemie clothes are needed is simple: THE PARENTS! It means so much to be able to dress your child! it may be the most emotionally important reason of all!

Even though these tiniest preemies often are in incubators to help regulate their body temperature, NICU clothing, hats, booties and socks may help infants to hold onto some of their body heat.

If you have a family member or friend with a new micro preemie, clothing would be an excellent gift. It will do a world of good for the parents!

How do you know what to buy? Look for NICU Apparel that is hospital friendly and nurse friendly. These garments are easier for the medical staff to use. They often allow quicker access to premature infants by having Velcro® closures or snaps.

Here is a list of some suggested micro preemie items:
*Socks or Booties
*Micro Preemie Size Blankets
*NICU T-Shirts or Isollete Tops
*IV Shirts
*NICU Wraps
*NICU Gowns / Day Gowns
*NICU Diaper Shirts
*NICU Diaper Covers

These items and more can be found at our website . Please feel free to email us questions if you have any concerning micro preemie clothes.

What is your opinion or experiences on this subject? Please feel free to post your thoughts on micro preemie clothes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Arrivals

Oh, So Sweet!
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