Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fight For Preemies

November is Prematurity Awareness Month®!

Join the fight for preemies and help the March of Dimes®!

Unfortunately, we all know someone or have heard of someone that has had a preemie. You may be a preemie parent yourself. November 17th is the day to reach out to preemies everywhere and join the fight.

According to the March of Dimes®, prematurity rates are have been steadily rising over the last 20 years and continue to do so today. We know that a premature birth can happen to any pregnant woman. One in every 8 babies in the USA are born too early and face an increase risk of medical complications, long NICU stays, lasting disabilities or even death.

What we continue not to know is how to prevent premature births from happening in the first place. One organization that it making stride in that area is the March of Dimes®. Professionals, volunteers, advocates, etc. are all working to find ways to help these pre-term babies. Can you be a part of the fight? Of course, go to the March of Dimes homepage and volunteer or donate to the cause.

If you are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant, the March of Dimes® has a whole section dedicated to women with signs of preterm labor, ways of reducing your risk, and things to think about during pregnancy.

Parents of preemies that are NICU residents now can check out their "Parenting in the NICU" section of families and continue to use the resources once your child is at home. Having been through the NICU experience personally, we know that it can be very stressful for parents. The roller coaster of emotions, good days and bad days, unanswered questions and uncertainty can take their toll. The Parenting Section is a great resource for parents.

Share your story! The March of Dimes® gives you a way to share your story with others. Create a blog or post to the online community for NICU Parents. There are others that are traveling the same road that you are and can help.....or just listen.

So join the fight for premature babies! Help us raise awareness this month!

Be "Preemie Proud!"

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