Friday, September 9, 2011

What A Week!

Where did this week go?
We have had a very busy week at Preemie Proud this week.  We have fulfilled several custom orders & a few of them were larger than usual.

Our micro preemie inventory has taken a hit this week as well.  You may notice this weekend that we have no micro preemie short sleeve diaper shirts in stock.  We apologize and will be working to restock a few of these next week.  Also, our micro preemie hat selection has been depleted this weekend.  We will begin Monday morning working to replace those as well. 

Next week will be even busier as we strive to restock our inventory and provide as many options for our preemie parents as possible. 

Keep watching!  Micro preemie Halloween costumes and preemie costumes are on their way!

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