Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another School Year Almost Gone For Our Former Preemie

Can you believe that the end of the school year is upon us.  There are only 5 1/2 school days left in the 2010-2011 school term for our daughter Braleigh who is a former 29 weeker.  How time flies!

Braleigh has had a marvelous first grade year and truly loves her teacher.  The last day of school will be hard on our daughter as she will miss her friends and familiar faces. What a year it has been!  Not only has Braleigh succeeded in her first grade curriculum, she was also tested for the Talented and Gifted Program.  She scored high enough on her testing to be accepted into the TAG program while in the first grade.  Part of her year was spent with pull out services as she went to a third grade class room for reading.  Braleigh is quite the reader!  She has already scored over 206 AR points this year for the Accelerated Reader Program and has loved every minute of it!!!  Not only does she read, but she reads well above grade level.  Our former 29 weeker is reading on at least a 4th grade level!!

As many of you may have been told by your doctors and neonatologist, preemie babies do often have speech delays, physical delays, or learning disabilities. This is statistically true.  However,  NOT all of them do!  Set obtainable, high expectations for your child.  Work with them when they are small and give them every opportunity you can for them to succeed.  Again, NOT all preemies will come away from their prematurity with a host of problems.  There is hope!!! 

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