Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catching Up!

Well, let me start by saying this year has already started out as a blur.  It is already the middle of February and each day seems to go faster and faster.  Where does time go?

For all of our preemies, their days are spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until they are strong enough to make the transition to life at home with their families.  I am so happy to report that we have already had a couple of premature babies graduate from the NICU this year and they are thriving at home.  As for the other wonderful babies that we have the pleasure to hear about and follow their progress, they are making great strides each day. Sometimes there are "little bumps in the road" so to speak...but that is all part of being born too early and having to struggle to each day to learn what some folks say are the "normal things".  Examples:  breathing, regulating body temperature, bottling and nippling....the list goes on and on for our sweet preemies.  So in short, we are so very proud of our Preemie Proud babies!  Way to go! Keep Growing!

For the parents of premature infants in the Neonatal Unit, these last couple of months and weeks have been both emotionally and physically stressful.  Several of our parents have had to return to work and find themselves trying to balance family, work, and visits to the NICU all at the same time.  We are constantly thinking of our parents and trying to support them on our Preemie Proud Facebook Page.   Luckily, some of our parents have spouses and other family members that are currently helping to balance out their life with a preemie.  Even the moms that recently have taken their pre-term babies home find themselves doing the balancing act - work, other children, household chores, and now their preemie's care.  Sometimes a NICU grad goes home with medical equipment, a list of medications, and many doctor appointments to keep.  To all of our new parents that find themselves in this position, please know that you are not alone and there are other parents that are going through the same preemie journey as you.  Also, there are many of us that have been through the NICU journey ourselves and would love to help support you through your preemie experience.  Come join us on Facebook and connect with other preemie families!

Business News - As some of you already know, after the first of the year, Preemie Proud moved full-time to our commercial location.  This allows us to have more room for production of premature baby clothing and other great preemie accessories.  As with any move, there are still "kinks" to be worked out and we are dealing with them as they come up.  So far, the move has been a wonderful experience.  We have been able to up our production rate and have several new items to be listed on our website .  Some of you have asked if we have a storefront now.  Unfortunately, we do not have a store front at this time that is open to the public.  We are using our commercial location for production purposes only. can still find our wonderful micro preemie clothes and preemie clothing online at our website Preemie Proud .  Be sure to look at the daily featured items located on our homepage. 


Preemie Proud
Mom of former 29 weeker

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