Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Miracle Micro Preemie's Story

Along Came Braleigh!

Braleigh’s story is a series of miracles in our lives. After being told I could not have children at age 19, her conception was the first miracle we were given. I was told that if I did get pregnant they (Drs) didn’t know how long I could carry a pregnancy. From day one my pregnancy was considered high risk and we saw the doctor at least twice a month. A tremendous amount of swelling started at 5 wks . I know swelling is often normal during pregnancy, but my swelling was excessive. I had high blood pressure (along with other things) before pregnancy and of course it was an ongoing issue.

On a sunny day, toward the end of October, I started spotting and called my doctor immediately. I was told to come quickly to his office and he would see me. I called my husband and that’s were Braleigh enters the picture. After being sent the hospital for testing, my husband and I were told that I would remain in the hospital on bed rest until my delivery. My ob/gyn was hoping to extend my pregnancy for about 6-10 weeks by doing full best rest and medical supervision.However, by the next night, everything had taken a downward turn. I was in need of delivery to save my life as well the life of my daughter. My baby was going to have to be delivered 11 weeks early and would spend her first weeks on life as a resident in the NICU.

She was born weighing in 2 lbs 14oz. & 15 inches long. As many micro preemie’s, our daughter went through the commonly known problems associated with prematurity. We experienced respiratory problem and had to be put on the vent for a spell, oxygen, infections, blood transfusions, bradicardia and apnea spells, feeding tube, etc. After seven long weeks in the nicu, finally our daughter was coming home with us!

Today she is a healthy & happy five yr old with no known speech, language, or physical delays!

We are Preemie Proud!

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